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Remove DRM from your files with our DRM Crack Guide

DRM protected files are encrypted with DRM technology and cannot be played if you don't have permission or a license.

This DRM Crack Guide will help you to remove DRM from your DRM protected files

First of all download DRM Converter or buy DRM Converter DRM Converter - the best and the fastest (!50x speed in batch mode!) DRM Removal Software right here or from DRM Converter's official site. But before you start to use DRM Converter, we remind you that DRM Converter frees only the music you've purchased. So the requirement is that you must be able to play your original DRM protected files on your PC. In other words: you must have a valid license to play DRM protected files in order to convert them with DRM Converter.
DRM protected music files are usually downloaded from services like
  • iTunes
  • Napster
  • Zune
  • Yahoo Music
  • MusicMatch
  • MSNMusic
  • MusicLoad
  • MTV / urge
  • MusicNow
  • BuyMusic
  • AOL Music
  • Virgin Digital
  • Sony Connect
  • Beon Music
  • Peer Impact
  • iMusica
  • Rhapsody
  • Wal-Mart
  • AOL MusicNow
  • Audible
  • connect-europe
  • akuma
  • Listen JP
  • hmv
  • Bigpond Music
  • Soundbuzz
  • digirama
  • imusica
  • cdigix
  • cingular mMode
  • puretracks
  • metro tunes
  • fnac
  • At present time any software doesn't allow non-licensed users to bypass DRM restrictions.
    This DRM Crack guide will show you how to convert protected WMA to MP3 or remove DRM from WMA files and let you use them without any restrictions or DRM protection, but besides use as protected WMA converter DRM Converter can be used to convert
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • AAC
  • RAX
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • M4P
  • RA
  • AA
  • audio books
  • SND
  • AIF
  • any format Media Player supports
  • files as well.
    Other output formats supported by DRM Converter are WMA, WAV and MPEG4 AAC (M4A).
    DRM Converter Professional has CD Ripper to convert your audio CDs and CD Burner to burn your files on CDs.
    DRM Converter Pro+Video Rip includes all features of Professional version and can convert DRM protected video files (to iPod Video (MP4), WMV or AVI (DivX) format), extract and convert audio from video files and has YouTube Ripper to download and convert videos from YouTube.

    Please follow this step-by-step DRM Crack Guide to remove DRM and convert protected WMA files.

    1. Install DRM Converter (download DRM Converter or buy DRM Converter DRM Converter right here or from DRM Converter's official site).
    2. Open DRM Converter.
    3. Set desired DRM Converter settings.
    1) “Convert to”. Choose a folder where you want to save converted WMA files.
    2) “Output folder”. If you mark “Output folder” in “Convert to” group, you need to set a folder where converted WMA files will be saved. Use button “Select” to choose it or just type full path in the field.
    3) If you mark “Re-create subfolders”, full path to your original DRM protected WMA file will be re-created in the folder set in group “Convert to”.
    4) “When output file exists”. To replace already converted WMA files there is the option “Overwrite existing file” (for example if you want to convert WMA file with a higher bitrate). It’s impossible to replace original DRM protected WMA files with converted ones (even if you choose “Same folder” in “Convert to” group). To avoid replacing already converted WMA files there are the options “Don’t convert file” or “Create unique name”.
    5) If you mark and set “Automatically convert files from folder” field, all files from this folder will be enqueued and converted. So you can copy to this folder all files you want to convert and DRM Converter will convert them automatically. Use button “Select” to specify it or just type full path to the folder in the field.
    6) Choose a desired output file format from “Encoder” drop-down list. To convert WMA to MP3, choose MP3. Other possible output formats are WAV and MPEG4 AAC. So you can use DRM Converter not only as WMA converter to MP3, but also as WMA converter to WAV and WMA converter to MPEG4 AAC (WMA converter to M4A).
    DRM Converter
    7) Choose a desired bitrate from “Compression Quality” drop-down list. Your converted WMA files will have a variable bitrate (VBR) with an average value set in this field.
    8) If you mark “Show select files dialog on start”, “Select files to convert” window will be showed at once DRM Converter runs.
    9) If you mark “Automatically start conversion”, selected WMA files will be converted immediately after they are selected.
    10) “Advanced mode”. If this field is marked, you will be able to play original DRM protected WMA and converted WMA files in DRM Converter (appropriate buttons will be shown in DRM Converter’s main window toolbar).
    4. Select DRM protected WMA files for conversion using the “Select Files” button in DRM Converter’s main window toolbar if you want to convert separate WMA files or using drag&drop (for example from the Windows Explorer) if you want to convert a folder or a folder structure. You will see all selected in the DRM Converter main window. To delete a file from this list, select it and click on the “Delete” button in DRM Converter’s main window toolbar.
    5. If you marked “Automatically start conversion” in DRM Converter’s settings, the file conversion will start immediately. If “Automatically start conversion” is not checked, select the files in DRM Converter's file list (you can use Ctrl or Shift to select two or more WMA files) and click on the “Convert” button in DRM Converter’s main window toolbar.
    6. If you marked “Advanced mode” in DRM Converter settings, you can listen converted and original DRM protected WMA files in DRM Converter (“Play converted” button on DRM Converter main window toolbar).

    If you followed all these steps, you've already finished to convert WMA to MP3 ( unprotect WMA ) with success.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: The software asks for a license code. Do I need a license code to try the software?
    A: No. You can try the software without a license code.
    Q: What are system requirements?
    A: System Requirements:
    Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista
    256 Megabyte RAM
    Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed.
    Q: Which files can DRM Converter remove DRM from?
    A: DRM Converter can convert any file that can be played in Windows Media Player 9 (or higher), iTunes or in QuickTime Player.
    Q: Can I copy my DRM protected WMA files to my iPod?
    A: Yes, you can copy your DRM protected WMA files to your iPod or any other MP3 playing device, after you remove DRM from your protected WMA with DRM Converter. A new function allows to copy converted songs to Apple iPod's and other devices with a simple mouse click.
    Q: Can I burn my DRM protected music to CD?
    A: Yes, you can burn your songs to CD, after you converted them with DRM Converter.
    Q: Does DRM Converter preserve ID3 tags for DRM protected WMA files?
    A: Yes, it does.
    Q: How do I achieve the best conversion quality?
    A: In settings, select "High compression quality" and make sure that during conversion the PC is not used for other tasks.
    Q: Does DRM Converter converts DRM protected video files?
    A: Yes. You need DRM Converter Pro+Video Rip for this.

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